April 19 - 23, 2020

MicroConf 2020


Rob Walling


Mike Taber

Which MicroConf Should I Attend?

Here are some guidelines to help you decide which MicroConf is right for you.
If you're still not sure, please contact us with details about your situation. We'll be happy to provide more specific guidance based on the conference where you'll receive the most value.

Growth Edition

Intended for companies whose founders who are currently making a full-time income from their digital products.

The focus of MicroConf Growth Edition is to help grow the revenue from your products beyond that which employs the founders on a full-time basis. This path may or may not include hiring employees. Sign up for the Growth Edition Early Bird List.

Starter Edition

Intended for founders and aspiring entrepreneurs who are NOT currently making a full-time income from digital products. This includes people who:
a) Derive the majority of their income from consulting or services and wish to transition to products.
b) Are primarily freelancers or agencies with a desire to branch out into products.
c) Are employed full-time, but wish to eventually go out on their own.

If you are anywhere between the stages of looking for an idea to launched, but not yet employed full-time by your products, then you should probably attend Starter Edition.

The focus of MicroConf Starter Edition is to help provide targeted, tactical advice to founders with the goal of getting their business to the point where it provides a full-time income from products. Sign up for the Starter Edition Early Bird List.

Still not sure?

To choose the right MicroConf for you, look at your monthly revenue for the business. If the business revenue is between $0-$5k/month, you should most likely go to Starter Edition.

If the revenue is above $5k, you should probably go to Growth Edition. Traction counts for a lot and you don't get to $5k MRR without having a bit of traction and a decent product. We recognize that $5k MRR isn't likely enough to support yourself full-time but it's on the right track and you will get more out of Growth Edition than Starter Edition.

If you have questions about whether MicroConf is relevant to your business, you can always contact us at support@microconf.com.